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I truly believe that everyone should have an Internet address. With the modern cPanel http://help.irishsecure.com it couldn't be easier. ADVICE do not go for free hosting its crap. Use me or Hostgator

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UPDATE Jan 7th I have 21stcn.net to save on typing. It will be somewhat of a mirror but I will use it for email. You have been notified :)  fyi 21stcn.com is being squatted. this page was on 21stCenturyNetworks.com

Hello and welcome. My name is Philip Finlay Bryan CEO. 21st Century Networks ® This feels like a culmination of work I started in 1985 when I assisted, as a student, in the creation of a national network of public access terminals for job information. It was touch screen and, in real time, accessed the central job database.The government department responsible was run by Psychologists NOT computer programmers. It was thought that Psychologists were better able to understand parallel processing and networks. My first degree is an honours science degree in Psychology.

After a stint as a Probation Officer to get my Masters, a group of talented friends and I became an Internet Service Provider, Irish Secure Internet Services in 2002.(WayBackMachine I love you)

This is how it looks now.

We had two web servers (one was a Silicon Graphics work station) and two name servers (built from scrap) . We built a wireless network covering 10 miles from our base using Israeli technology. Very expensive but state of the art. We were probably the first wireless network outside of Dublin. The dot com crash did us no good for funding and eventually we crashed in 2005.(Then boring personal stuff, not prison lol).

In 2010 I received my pension from the Probation Service and started up Web Hosting and Domain Registration. Irish Secure again. I became pjfbncyl a unlque name on the Internet Philip James Finlay Bryan Now Change Your Life. Google pjfbncyl you will get a few hits, last time I checked, I was the first 30 but it goes up to 9,000 lol. In 2011 I contracted  cancer and lost everything. In April 2012 I got the all clear. Through all this period from 1985 I have been very frustrated that  "a lot of the world" could not see the power of networks aka The Internet. I joined Second Life, a 3D world and met the blues community.Over the last few months I have been researching networking.I began to pick up that people were seeing and using network technology in a qualitatively different way. It had become part of their identity. Collaborative Consumption was born,TIME names Collaborative Consumption as one of the “10 Ideas That Will Change The World”. Cybercommunities were springing up in what has been described as the "Facebook Age" and a Cyberculture is in existence. I know its a western phenomenon but is it a global one?

Capitalism has failed us miserably, it has allowed individuals to amass  wealth far greater than in feudal times. Are we seeing the demise of capitalism not by revolution but by simply not "using" it. One thing, I cannot find is any serious discussion on cybercultures later than 2005. http://onlybrackets.hubpages.com seeks to make a start at addressing this issue, which is of great interest.

However I do know this:

I believe, at last, we are seeing true 21st Century Networks.

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The above is an example of cyber art I do as a hobby.
However I use my skills to design web pages.
To scale it my avatar here is 7ft 6 ins tall
that's 228.60 cm

Here we have a video of me  dancing with a girl friend in second life Junkyard Blues club. Thank you Cookie, hugs. We had just been to a charity ball which is why we are dressed formally. Bard is the Dj Live at the club. Filmed in real time.

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